Biking in Crested Butte

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Many expert riders argue that the sport of mountain biking originated in Crested Butte. The debate may not be settled, but with its long history and numerous trails etched through the rolling hills, Crested Butte is undoubtedly a world-class biking destination.

The surrounding hillsides provide commanding views of steep Rocky Mountain cliffs, dense alpine forests, and glittering mountain streams. Such scenic trails are ideal for either a leisurely ride or an intense adrenaline-boosting expedition. If you aren’t so confident in your riding ability, you may want to stop into the Crested Butte Mountain Bike School. A three hour lesson will familiarize you with terrain advancements, cornering, drop-offs, and jumps. Before long you’ll be charging uphill rises and whizzing down dramatic descents.

Once you’ve experienced the trails, you’ll want to check out the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame to learn all about the sport and see great racers of the past. There’s so much to see and do that with one visit, you’ll see why Crested Butte is frequented by mountain bikers from all over the world.

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Designated Biking Trails:

Luge (Beginner)

Luge is a simple downhill trail that flows through man-made berms and gentle rollers. This beginner single-track provides a great challenge without taxing your riding ability.

Mineral Point (Intermediate)

This single-track combines a great mix of man-made obstacles and natural mountain terrain. New features are added periodically so be sure to check back often for a fresh riding experience.

Psycho Rocks (Expert)

As the most technical trail on the resort, Psycho Rocks is strictly experts only. Head left from Avery until you reach the trailhead. Be prepared to weave your way through massive boulders and navigate over extensive bridging.

Avery (Expert)

Avery provides a taste of just about everything the mountain has to offer: rock gardens, pine and aspen forests, open terrain, and multiple man-made jumps. This track can also be finished on the Mountain Cross run.

Wood’s Trail (Expert)

To access this trail, climb to the top of Luge and then ride through the upper section of Painter Boy. This is a fairly smooth descent accented by numerous man-made obstacles. Take Gothic Road to return to the base area.

Multi-use Trails:

Warming House (Beginner)

This trail features fun rollers and gradual grades that will get your heart going. Start out here to travel out of the base area for access to a number of surrounding single-track trails.

Painter Boy (Beginner/Intermediate)

Lined with wildflowers and rows of aspen trees, this longtime local favorite is a great way to reach more challenging trails. Access Painter Boy from the Red Lady Express via Luge or Horseshoe Trail.

Meander (Intermediate)

Like the name says, Meander sprawls through the beautiful mountain terrain on a winding single track overlooking the East River valley. Take Gothic Road back to the foot of the mountain or climb Prospector to reach the top of Painter Boy.

Horseshoe (Intermediate)

Travel along the foot of Crested Butte’s renowned steep terrain on Horseshoe trail. This pathway connects to the Westside trail with Painter Boy, Meander, and Columbine for an adventurous cross-country loop from the base area.

Prospector (Intermediate)

This single track winds through pristine meadows and pine forests until it reaches Gothic Road which brings you back to the base area or links with Snodgrass or Meander.

Columbine (Intermediate)

Climb Columbine Hill through Aspen forests and lush, grassy meadows until the trail loops around Westside and Horseshoe. To extend your tour, explore the connecting trails that eventually meet back at the base.

Westside (Expert)

This new single track flows through aspen and pine forests and is sure to delight all trekkers. Westside also doubles as an intermediate trail if you begin at the top of the Red Lady Lift and travel down to the base area.